The ionic liquids are compounds consisting from an organic cation and an (in)organic anion, salts. Generally the term has been restricted to salts whose melting point is below 100 °C.  Ionic liquids have many applications, such as powerful solvents or as electrically conducting fluids (electrolytes). Salts that are liquid at near-ambient temperature are important for battery applications, and have been used as sealants due to their very low vapor pressure. Another advantage is their very low toxicity, so they may find utilization namely as alternatives for common organic solvents. With respect to the ionic liquid properties we are focusing our study on the following topics:

  • Membrane process development for separation of CO2 from biogas
  • Membrane development for separation of racemic mixtures
  • Synthesis and characterization of novel ionic liquids
  • Synthesis of helicene based molten salts for electrochemical sensing and optoelectronic application